Tsukure Scanner

Using your mobile phone or webcam you can scan our special bar codes to gain further access to even more information!

You must have recently purchased one of our fantastic STEM Modules, congratulations! Using the Tsukure Scanner locate our special barcode and present it to your phone camera or webcam. All being well, you will be instantly transported through cyber-space to a wealth of support material, ideas, and much more!

Start Scanning!

When asked, you MUST allow the webpage to access your webcam. Once the webcam is showing on the page hold the bar code up in-front of the camera making sure the image is clear and in focus below.

We do not store any images taken from your webcam. We respect your privacy as if it were our own.

If you are experiencing problems with the scanner or do not have access to a webcam you can enter the barcode manually below;
Decrypt BarCode

Tsukure TV

We will be launching the Tsukure TV YouTube Channel very soon! Subscribe now so that you don't miss out on the BIG LAUNCH!