Tsukure Mad Labs 8-Channel DC Stepper Motor Driver

In this project, we will make an 8-channel Motor Driver Module Circuit for motors based applications.

By using this motor driver board we can operate 8 DC motors or four 4-wire stepper motors at a time. In this board, we have used few three pin screw terminal blocks and burgsticks, connected from the same pins, so that you can either use burgsticks or wires for connecting motors. Here we have used four L293D Motor Driver ICs for driving motors.

 This board is capable to drive 8 DC motor or 4 stepper motors at a time. User can use this board for to build their DC or stepper motor based projects like a Robotic Arm, Line Follower, land robbers, maze followers and many other projects. This board can be controlled by using a microcontroller. This board has screw terminal and burgsticks for connect motors. Here we have used burgsticks for connecting the controlling pins to microcontrollers or Arduino. This board has jumper pins to select either hardware controlled mode or software controlled mode, means user may control these pin either by programming or by putting a jumper wire in hardware motor driver board using jumper connector. This board has 12v, 5v supply option for power. There are some general purpose holes also available for placing any required components. 


Components used in this module...

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Let's Get Started!

Below you will find a list of bits to gather before hand, followed by a detailed schematic. Using a breadboard lay out the components and connect them together as shown. Alternatively you can purchase this module from our shop and simply solder the components in the places indicated on the quality assured printed circuit boards provided.

What You Need...

4 104 (100nF / 0.1uF) Capacitor (Ceramic)
8 PCB Mount 2-Pin Screw Terminal Block Connector (Other)
1 PCB Mount 3-Pin Screw Terminal Block Connector (Other)
4 L293D Stepper Motor Driver Integrated Circuit (IC)
1 3mm Red (Clear) LED
1 1K
[ Brown, Black, Black, Brown ]
Resistor (0.25 Watt)

NB: Any resistor colour codes specified relate to 5 band resistor codes, the 5th band has not been shown intentionally. The 5th band indicates the resistor tolerence, we use only the highest tolerence resistors in our products.

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