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STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths

Our commitment to learning is seconded to none with our specially developed STEM project kits.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), which was previously known as Science, Math, Engineering and Technology (SMET, !?!) is a teaching concept Tsukure is fond to embrace.

Introducing TSUKURE STEM

* All modules from all ranges can be inter-changed and used to develop a students own projects and further the possibilities...
  1. Tsukure Mad Labs - Tsukure "Mad Labs" is a series of building block kits that teach STEM disciplines but allow the student to find their own path and develop there own course of learning in a way that suits the development of their scientific curiosity. Lab modules built can also be useful in our other ranges of STEM based projects.
  2. Tsukure Studio - The "Studio" projects provide all the nescessary skills and practical experience to build all components to a a fully working studio. STEM dispiplines are honed as the student develops their own personalised studio with avenues towards broadcasting, music and event production.
  3. Tsukure Spy - As a child we all want to be James Bond or Agent 99, a spy. Tsukure "Spy" is a range of STEM guided projects that develop a childs imagination whilst also teaching them key skills electronics, similar to our "Studio" range.
  4. Tsukure Preppers - Are you prepared for a Zombie Apocolypse, Alien Invasion or Natural Disaster? The Tsukure "Preppers" projects are fun for both adults and children. Learn ways to re-purpose common items to build perimiter alarms, communications transmitters and much more.
  5. Tsukure Tactical - Tsukure "Tactical" STEM projects build upon Nerf and Air-Soft hobbiest communities. These projects are more advanced and often require the use of programming skills which are developed throughout the various STEM projects offered by the Tsukure ranges. Topics covered develop various fun technologies for simulated battle tournements such as automatic sentry defense systems, ammunition counters & weaponised robots and drones.
  6. Tsukure Worx - Pimp my Ride! Learn how to pimp your own ride with the Tsukure "Worx" STEM projects. These awesome little projects provide the student with the skills and practical experience to modify automobiles of all varieties. These projects are suitable for students of all ages and can be applied or used on many varieties of transport from your Hill Derby Box-Car to your Le Mans 24-Hour Ferrari.
  7. Tsukure Smart Home - Having a "Smart Home" is a buzz among the millenials on the internet. It really is no longer science fiction but a science fact you too could live in a smart home. Tsukure "Smart Home" STEM projects aim to develop projects to help towards more economical and user friendly homes. Some of these projects are suitable for older students as they involve developing an understanding of mains electricity, but there are many projects that students of all ages can complete and build upon.
  8. Tsukure Smart Garden - Tsukure STEM projects don't just belong in the classroom or bedroom, the Tsukure "Smart Garden" range aims to apply the learnings of the projects to real-world situations and environments.

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