3D Print Services
Laser Cutting, Etching & Engraving
Rapid Prototyping

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Producing Unique Products Is Not As Expensive As You Might Think!

3D Scanning & Printing

Using FREE 3D Modelling Software you can imagine almost anything into reality.

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Laser Cutting & Etching.

We can cut and engrave most materials with our high powered laser.

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Special Projects & Prototypes.

Have an idea but lack the nescessary skills and resources? We may be able to help!

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Education through Inspiration. TAU is the educational interface being developed by Tsukure.

Tsukure TV

We will be launching the Tsukure TV YouTube Channel very soon! Subscribe now so that you don't miss out on the BIG LAUNCH!

Projects Gallery

Our Team Are Always Busy!
Nerf Ammunition Counter
Nerf Accessories
Tactical H.U.D.
Artificial Intelligence
Smart Garden

Resourceful Innovation

Tsukure encourages innovation through Collaborative Resource Management
Laser Cutting

130mW laser cuts wood, fabric, vinyl, acrylic and many other materials.

Laser Engraving

Engrave digital designs into slate, granite, wood and plastics.

Laser Etching

Etch high qualiy bitmap images in to solid surfaces.

3D Printing

Form complex objects in a single print, ideal for prototyping.

PCB Development

Developing ideas to working models with microelectronics components.


Develop Internet of Things (IoT) projects with our in-house innovators.


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